Why Your Email Marketing Campaign Isn’t Working [guest]

A guest post by: Laura Kelly; a blogger who writes about international business, including money and lending policies in the U.S., Europe and Australia.

email marketing is not dead

Some argue that email marketing is dead. But it’s really only dead to businesses that do not understand how to use it properly. Companies like Amazon and Dell continue to use successful email marketing campaigns that continue to reinforce their brands and gain customer loyalty and readership. Entrepreneurs dream of reaching success at this magnitude but more times than not, goals get lost in the email marketing shuffle as implementation fails and simple solutions are overlooked. Read through our reasons why your email marketing campaign may not be getting you results and how to fix it.



Users Don’t Know How or Where to Sign Up

It may seem silly but it is a simple thing easily overlooked. Do your customers know you have an email list? Do they know where to sign up? Make it known that there is an email list to join. Place noticeable plugins on your website home and about page. If you have a store front, give customers the option of giving email contact information at check out.

You Aren’t Making and Updating Contact Lists

Your email lists are the foundation to your email campaign, create them strategically and wisely. Segment lists that match the tactics of your campaign. Update lists regularly as new clients are gained and lost, as goals are altered and demographics change. Sites like JangoMail mass email service allows for detailed management and user-friendly upkeep of lists.

Email Messages Are Unclear

Whether it’s unclear subject lines or wordy messages, it’s important to make sure that emails are clear, clickable and brief. Think about the amount of time you personally take to read B2C emails. Seconds maybe? Recipients should know exactly what the email is about by reading the subject line. If subjects are vague or confusing, you are bettering your message’s chances of being moved to a trash folder. Once you get a reader to open your email, don’t lose them in a wordy message. Get to the point! If the purpose is to have them go to a social media page clearly place CTA’s on the top of the email. If the purpose is to sell X product for Y holiday, say so.

Your Messages Aren’t Personal Enough

It’s difficult to make mass-sent emails personal, but it isn’t impossible. Through proper list segmentation you can send automated emails to demographic-specific groups. Most email marketing services have formats with messages specifically addressed to the recipient. Instead of saying “Dear Valued Customer,” the email can say “Hey Greg,” or “Hi Michelle.” Check with the service your business is using to see what your options are.

There Are No Rewards

Giving users exclusive offers, discounts and access to special deals are ways to get people signing up to your email lists and staying on board. Customers need an incentive before divulging personal information. What’s in it for them? Are you offering anything?

You’re Not Mobile-Friendly

More than ever before people are opening emails on mobile. Nothing will lose readership like emails that do not convert to a mobile format, contain flash and javascript not easily downloaded onto mobile and tablet devices, broken links and images that take minutes to download. Making emails tablet and mobile-friendly requires simple coding and can be done in minutes.

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