Why Everyone Should Learn Basic Programming

Times are changing. Our information age puts higher requirements on everyone to process information more efficiently. People are talking about information “overloads”. A solution to this would be to use more programming.

why everyone should learn programming in information age

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In the  past people were limited by physical factors in their pursuit of knowledge. Talking to people, exploring and finding the right book to read was ways of acquiring knowledge. If you were curious about something you had to find the right book or person for the answer.

Today all you need to do is use the right google query to find your answer. There is an “overload” of information accessible. The problem is how to find it and how to process the information.

Our biggest source of information, computers, are all based on logic. Programming is a language of logic and an efficient way of processing information. Thus, in order to better adapt to our information age, I believe that everyone should learn at least some basic programming.

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