Why about.me will emerge as an obvious place for building your personal brand

I recently found the website About.me and find it to be a very good idea. Basically it is a business card telling people where to find you on the web (or in their own words “A custom splash page & personal analytics dashboard”). It’s a way to collect the “social you” in one place and allow others to find it. It also allows the user to keep track of whom visits the page and where their name is mentioned.

The emergence of a platform like this is very right in time since personal branding has become very important. With more platforms for Social Media it becomes important to “collect yourself” in one place. Traditionally this has often been done on a personal web-page but this has a tendency to become nestled within the page.

About.me is currently in private beta and gathers interest by utilizing the same tactics Spotify and Gmail used in the beginning with only inviting a few people, putting the rest on a waiting list. With their great choice of domain and their nice design I suspect a lot of people will start their own about.me page. With all the users linking to their own page from various places they will quickly climb Google’s pagerank and end up as one of the first results when someone searches for your name. This means it’s an obvious place for someone to take a first look if they are interested in your personal brand.

Good luck with your business plan About.me ! I’m still waiting for my invite ;)

[pic: CC-BY-NC, ♥KatB Photography♥]

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