Twisting Your Perception of Life: Stop Being a Product

Constantly aiming to please our surroundings, by improving ourselves, makes us a product instead of what we ought to be. One of the big questions of life is what will you do with it. What is the reason you are here?

instutionalized forms, play and explore

When growing up you are curious about everything. Running around playing and exploring your surroundings. Chasing a butterfly, playing by the beach, flying a kite and planning adventures. Life is easy and fun without worries.

Forward a few years and you are stuck behind books that bore you in order to be shaped into the institutionalized forms of life; becoming lawyers, doctors, engineers, ugly, rich, fun, etc. We strive so hard to reach these goals that we become robotic in our pursuits of achieving “the perfect life”. Society and pressure from others slowly bog us down, molding us into a desired shape. We are slowly shutting down the connections to our hearts and what makes us happy. We are trying to create something with our life instead of just being.

If you define yourself and the life you live each day as nothing else but a product, then ask yourself this: what is the fate of a product? The answer is: to be used.

If you, like I prefer to do it, define your life as a gift, then ask yourself this: what is the fate and use of a gift? The answer is: to be played and toyed with, to appreciate, to love.

Normally life does not bring many good moments unless you keep an open mind and catch them. It’s those small moments, when you let yourself be, that brings the ecstatic feelings of happiness. Our minds where once free and not shaped to slavery.

Letting society set limits and goals make us all follow a pre-determined path towards “living your life”. View life as it is and find appreciation in the moment. Life is flowing and spontaneous. Stop labeling, defining, rationalizing and dividing everything you see. Let go and enjoy what is around you.

Live life fully.

Instead of being shaped into a product you need to play, run, appreciate, love and explore!


This post was a re-write of the excellent post: Re-define your life’s worth
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