Tools For Productivity

This is a place where I will post various free tools on the web one can use to become more effective.

A blog post about the top7 tools.

Piratepad ->Online real-time collaboration notepad. Based on Etherpad.

Urlai -> Analyze the style of a homepage/blog

Creately -> Create shapes and figures online

Dropbox -> Online storage and automatic synch of data between computers. 2.5gb free with this link

Copy -> Same as dropbox but more space. 20gb free with this link -> Url shortener/customizer

Twitter -> Networking and customizing info-flow -> Saving and organizing bookmarks

Opera Unite -> Enabling anyone to set up a web-server with a few clicks

Rapidshare -> Sharing a larger file

000webhost -> Free and great web hotel with big control

Loopia -> Buying domain names cheaply and having good control -> Quick and professional creation of mind-maps

Aviary -> Light version of “photoshop” but online. Also vector editor, sound editor.

Pdfmyurl -> Make a pdf of any web-site

Guerillamail -> Whenever you need a temporary e-mail for something

Knowem -> Check your brand/company/username availability across all social websites

Getanewsletter -> Start your own newsletter

Robin Goods list -> BIG list of collaborative tools displayed in a mindmap

Slideshare -> Sharing your powerpoint presentations

Urbandictionary -> For finding slang and alternative definitions

Merriam Webster -> Dictionary with easy and quick url:

Tyda -> Swedish-English translator

Flickr -> Photo-sharing

Thesixtyone -> Exploring new alternative music

Grooveshark -> Streamed music

Will extend this list every now and then.
Appreciate more suggestions of good tools if you have any to share?

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