The View of the Pirate Party on TTIP (radio-interview)


Last week I did an interview in a student-radio about TTIP (see bottom of post to listen). I expressed the views that the Pirate Party holds and how this trade deal is problematic. In general, the Pirate Party supports free trade deals but with TTIP there are certain aspects we are highly against which is further explained in the radio show as well as below. You can find the complete view of the Pirate Party on trade deals (in Swedish).

‘Radio Utblick’ is a “program focusing on the issues of today’s society through a global perspective”. It’s a local student-radio show that was sent last Tuesday over the FM waves in Gothenburg, Sweden.

This time ‘Radio Utblick‘ will discuss TTIP, the large free trade deal between USA and EU that is currently negotiated. Critics mean that the negotiations are too secretive, that it gives businesses power on the behalf of citizens, that it threatens the food safety and the environment. The people supportive of the trade deal argue that it will improve Europe’s weak economic growth and that tying together the two largest economies in the world will give advantages on both sides of the Atlantic.

How is it that a deal that gathered three million signatures against it, as well as several hundred thousand protesters on the streets in Europe and US, still continues to be negotiated? This is something ‘Radio Utblick’ tries to shine a light on. With us we have Josef Ohlsson Collentine from the Pirate Party of Sweden (Piratpartiet) and Simona Mohamsson from the Liberal People’s Party (Folkpartiet)

My three main concerns about TTIP, that I lifted in the radio interview, were

1) The Copyright maximalizing agenda
2) Investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS)
3) The lack of inclusion of relevant stakeholders


(The show is mostly in English but contains segments in Swedish).

TTIP – Threat against society or a solution to the economic crisis? by K103 on Mixcloud

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