The Freedom to View Information + Make Changes

The world has changed profoundly with the emergence of the information age. In the past when writing something the majority of the time was spent researching the subject through arduous hours at the library and only a small time in the actual writing phase. Today these two tasks have significantly changed (almost to the reverse) as relevant information is easier to source.

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People today want to understand a subject and are not content with only viewing it. People want to be able to master information, manipulate it and then transform it into something new. Many content creators are still trying to restrict their fans from doing anything more than passively viewing their creations. Legal problems with copyright is preventing many from unleashing their creativity and making better use of information.

Today copyright is acting restrictively against the development of new information. With the information age it has changed from promoting creativity to restricting creativity. A certain amount of protection might be needed but 70 years + a lifetime of copyright makes more harm than good. Most information becomes fairly irrelevant after this huge amount of time. The protection needs to be drastically changed to, once again, protect creativity like it was once created to do.

Technology needs freedom. It’s hard to legalize about openness since that often brings censorship instead of employing a critical mind.  Frederico Reyes Heroles from Transparency International was speaking about this at the #Freedom2c conference in Mexico. He used the narcotica traffic in Mexico as an example and said that legislation to prevent the narcotica gangs from using media was not the way to go. Frederico said that he thought “the professional way” was preferred over legislation, an attitude of not being manipulated should be enough.

Even though it’s hard, some legalislation might be positive in certain cases. One attempt is initiated by the Reddit community and is called the “Freedom Information Act“. This is more aimed at ensuring people rights which would be another hurdle to pass for people trying to restrict freedom.


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