The Anti-piracy campaign that back-fired! Home Taping Kills.

Currently reading up on the history about Pirates (The Pirate Bay, Piratpartiet and Piratbyrån). There are several ways to look at file-sharing. Some see it as ultra liberalism others see it as a form of digital socialism. Then there are those who just see it as illegal.


An anti-home taping ad.

An anti-home taping ad. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


One of the most famous campaigns against file-sharing was the one that BPI (British Phonographic Industry) did. The logotype they created was a cassette band with two bones crossed over it (this logotype was later stolen to be a part of TPB’s logotype). The text that BPI used for the logotype was “Home taping is killing music” and they also added “And it’s illegal”. Sadly for them the focus was on that it killed the music and not that it was illegal, this focus created a lot of reactions.

A few more parodies on their campaign:
“Living is killing the funeral industry”
“Home Growing is killing the Drug Trafficking Industry”
“Piggybanks are killing the American economy and causing recession”
“Crystal meth is killing the stupid population”
“sleeping at home is killing the hotel industry”
“bicycles are killing the automotive industry”

These are all just as logical and valid as the original one in my opinion.

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