The 3 Best Copywriting Tricks

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Guide your consumers as a shepherd would guide his flock (pastor).

P – problem
A – amplify
S – story
T – truth
O – offer
R – response

Present the problem, make it cumbersome by amplifying it. Create a story through the text, how to make if from failure to success. To make it become real you need to present proof on why they should listen to you by some truth. The importance of what you are selling is only 20% of importance, 80% is the change the product you’re selling will bring the customer. Finally end with a CTO (Call To Action).


A framework to keep in mind for any writing.

S – state
P – purpose
I – idea
N – next

The first step is always to know your audience. Who will read this text and why? What kind of setting will it be read in? Figure out what state the reader is in to properly adress the copywriting to reach him. What is your purpose for writing the text? What is the idea that will help the reader? What is the next step, make a clear CTO.


The 7 P’s

P – provoke
P – problem
P – personal
P – proof
P – product
P – proposal
P – prompt

Provoke the reader to grab their attention. Present the problem they’re facing and make it personal. Give some proof of authenticity and why you should be listened to. Describe the product and make a proposal of what change it will create in the reader’s life. End with a prompt (CTO)

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