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The 3 Best Copywriting Tricks

Guide your consumers as a shepherd would guide his flock (pastor). P – problem A – amplify S – story T – truth O – offer R – response Present the problem, make it cumbersome by amplifying it. Create a

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Quality Demands and Writers Block

I have not updated this blog much lately as some of you may have noted. It’s partly because I’ve been busy and had a lot to do but that is only a bad excuse for saying you prioritize something else.

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Busy, busy, busy life! Will write much more in a week

As you might have noticed this blog has not been updated for some time now. Mainly due to vacation and right now due to me currently studying two courses for another week. It’s not easy to have time to write

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About Inspiration and Writing; a Fresh Start to the Blog

When you’re not a writer by heart it is hard to keep up the writing, you miss a day or two and then suddenly it’s very hard to get started again and back into it. It’s now been more then

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reworking design and restructuring

Apologize for the mess on my blog right now, on my way of re-working the design of it and also structuring up a much more active posting on the blog. On the 20th I’ll start the blogging again with a

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