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Scraping Social Media Statistics


Something essential when working with social media is to keep track of the progress. There are many reasons to work with social media but no matter if it’s for marketing or brand building one needs to have some type of

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Back, Content is King or is it Context?

As you may have noticed this blog has been on a hiatus for a while now. The main reason being the start of my project with an international news service for the pirate party (located at which is a

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11 Employer Branding Best Practices To Focus On

These eleven best practice advice have been taken and summarized from the full article here. Focusing on making sure your employees are happy in their work is becoming increasingly important with higher rate of changes between jobs. Today people no

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Social Media Marketing- 15 000 New Fans & ReTweets in 1 week

Social Media is still a very new field and marketers are constantly looking for examples on how to use it effectively. Measurement of campaigns and ROI is a constant source of discussion when it comes to spending money on social

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How Re-branding a Twitter Account Created +50’000 Followers

With some good copywriting and some creative thinking Josh Helfferich created the account @TextInstagram and started making jokes. Using a different medium for the popular Instagram and making fun off the cliche images in text form the account quickly gathered followers

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