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The View of the Pirate Party on TTIP (radio-interview)

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  Last week I did an interview in a student-radio about TTIP (see bottom of post to listen). I expressed the views that the Pirate Party holds and how this trade deal is problematic. In general, the Pirate Party supports

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Piratpartiet and the Future After the Elections

Yeasterday elections took place in Sweden. Piratpartiet got a very low amount of votes and needs to re-focus their energy again. The reason the impact of Piratpartiet was so low is mainly due to a very low media-coverage and a

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Three Essential Parts in the Filesharing Debate

In this post I will discuss three of the essential parts in the filesharing debate. *Consumers show a need that is not satisfied by the market, *The intellectual property law needs to change. *The need for control to maintain power.

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Spying on People Turns Bad First When They Discover You

I’m reading a book called “The Social Study of Information and Communication Technology”. One part of the book takes up an example that shows how a tool can be perceived very differently from a slight incident. They are unaware of

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Political Communication in Facebook and by Piratpartiet

We had a workshop about political communication where we chose to do some interviews on political communication and social media. The interview with Zana was done over e-mail and the one with Anna was taken over the phone. Both interviews

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