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The View of the Pirate Party on TTIP (radio-interview)

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  Last week I did an interview in a student-radio about TTIP (see bottom of post to listen). I expressed the views that the Pirate Party holds and how this trade deal is problematic. In general, the Pirate Party supports

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Ban of Free Waffles & Why the Copyright Industry Sues People

This last weekend the young pirate party of Sweden (“Ung Pirat”) went to a festival to talk politics with interested people. When talking politics you often need something to attract people to your tent for a talk. The youth pirates

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A Democratic Periscope, Making the Government More Transparent

One of the main reasons behind my activity for Piratpartiet is that “people should keep track of what the government does and not the other way around”. I believe in the good of people and that they work towards the good

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