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Didn’t United Learn Customer Service #UnitedBreakGuitars ?

This post is about the customer service United Airlines failed with during my loooong flight to Mexico. A long and a bit angry rant since I was treated very poorly by United Airlines. After their incident and PR disaster with

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The Freedom to View Information + Make Changes

The world has changed profoundly with the emergence of the information age. In the past when writing something the majority of the time was spent researching the subject through arduous hours at the library and only a small time in the actual

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Sierra Tequila Label Brand Through a Semiotic Perspective

This is part of my studies in Visual Communication that I thought I’d share with you. ———————————- I. Introduction and Method II. Analysis (with help of Panofsky‘s three levels of understanding) III. Discussion and Conclusion I. Introduction and Method The

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Josef Ohlsson Collentine

A transparent and kind American/Swede who likes cultural patterns and Social Media. A creative early-adopter who sports, discusses and explores. More about me
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