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The View of the Pirate Party on TTIP (radio-interview)

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  Last week I did an interview in a student-radio about TTIP (see bottom of post to listen). I expressed the views that the Pirate Party holds and how this trade deal is problematic. In general, the Pirate Party supports

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The Freedom to View Information + Make Changes

The world has changed profoundly with the emergence of the information age. In the past when writing something the majority of the time was spent researching the subject through arduous hours at the library and only a small time in the actual

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Guest: Who is stealing from who? Where is the ‘quid pro quo’?

Who is stealing from who? (A guest post by Antonio Garcia under a CC-BY license) “The Statute of Anne had a much broader social focus and remit than the monopoly granted to the Stationers’ Company. The statute was concerned with the

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Downloading Physical Objects, 3d Printing Disrupts Property

The ability to download physical objects in the form of a 3d file and print it out in a 3d printer will change how we perceive material possessions in the future. The shops will work very differently when in many

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Moscow Convention for the Copyright

The Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has earlier urged the G20 to “move faster to reach an agreement on reforming the global financial system”. He has also been positive towards a change for copyright earlier. At the last G20 conference he mentioned

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