Swedish Pop and Indie Music, A Sample For Listening Pleasure

Whilst looking for good Swedish bands on Grooveshark for a Mexican friend I found a lot more than I set out to do at first. Finding a lot of good old music I haven’t heard for some time I thought I would fix a proper list and share it with more. This list was limited to the pop and indie music of swedish bands and compiled of 31 different artists to give you a sample. The most famous artists like ABBA, Roxette, the Cardigans etc was not included. I hope you find at least a few new bands you will like here :D

Bands: anton kristiansson, christian kjellvander, jennie abrahamsson, oh laura, melissa horn, salem al fakir, miss li, veronica maggio, patrik isaksson, markus krunegård, moneybrother, säkert!, hello saferide, vapnet, billie the vision and the dancers, marit bergman, frida hyvönen, håkan hellström, shout out louds, peter, bjorn and john, kent, miike snow, the tough alliance, lasse lindh, tiger lou, broder daniel, timo räisänen, laleh, anna ternheim and vildsvin.

Any others you would like to add to this list? 

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