Subliminal Effects and a Badly Chosen Company Name

Been a bit inactive lately due to finishing a course and moving to London for an internship with Flattr. During this “inactive” time I have been collecting a few topics to write about. Expect a lot more from me in the near future.

I believe that subliminal effects play a big role in our everyday decisions that we make. It’s hard to measure but shapes the way we act. I wrote some about subliminal logos earlier.

The subliminal effect is one of the premises that a lot of advertisement works on. The ad is meant to affect the state of the consumers mind to prefer a product over another. This can most clearly be seen in commodities where consumers often don’t realize why they really prefer one product over another similar one. Another sign of this can be seen when asking someone how advertisement affects them. Most of the times they say that there is no effect on them but they can talk extensively about how it affects their friends.

The reason I’m writing about this today is that earlier today I walked past a bar that was named “Barfly”. It got me thinking about possible bad connotations and subliminal effects this could have with people walking by. A fly in a bar is not very sanitary, making a first negative. The name can also be split into “Barf” (not very pleasant) and “ly”which is a homophone of lie (word that sounds similar but spelled different).  Seeing the negative connotations with naming your company “Barfly” I would definitely consider some other name. Other opinions?

[pic: CC-BY-NC-SA, ruSSeLL hiGGs]

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