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“a closer examination reveals contours shaped by a distinct Chinese Internet culture. As the Internet assumes a more central role in Chinese cultural and commercial life, understanding this landscape—with all of its perils, pitfalls, and possibilities—is vital to running almost any business in China today.”

entertainment highway in china
I’m currently working on a thesis focusing on ‘organizational learning through social media in China’. This means I’m reading several research papers about social media and China. Expect a lot of posts about this area the coming few months.

The more I read and dig into social media in China the more intrigued and fascinated I get. China is far ahead the western culture in many ways. There’s not only Facebook and Twitter dominating all Social Media like in the west. In China there’s a multitude of social network services like RenRen, QQ, Sinai’s Weibo, kaixin001 etc etc.

The chinese culture means social media differs a lot from the western world. It’s described as the “entertainment highway” (not “information highway”) and crafting a good tweet is much more important than creating a great topic to discuss around. “The overall retweet percentage was around 62% for the trending topics. In contrast, for Twitter trends,the retweets form only 31% of the overall tweets for the trending topics.”

Having only one child per family this generation has been nick-named “little emperors”. They are know to be spoiled but also sensitive and simple. Many like making small differences through social participation. This together with the collectivistic society that exists in China makes Customer Service Relationships (CSR) a ‘must have’ in Chinese companies.

Many more fascinating facts about social media in China and how it differs from here will be written about here in the near future. If you have a good article/post you think I might enjoy or maybe have a good contact I’d be very happy if you shared it. I can be reached on twitter: @collentine

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