Slideshare. The Tool to Share Presentations

Slideshare is a service for sharing presentations, it converts powerpoint and other documents into flash documents. Thereby making it easy to view on the web, they also re-make the flash into images in case you can’t use flash. It has a very open approach and allows anyone to view the slides you upload unless you wish otherwise. Slideshare is also easy to embed and therefore easily spreads across blogs, facebook, linkedin etc. With all the uploaded slideshares it’s a vast source of knowledge from professionals.

Some interesting demographics on slideshare says that it is mainly very educated people who use it “86% hold college degree and 19% have Masters/PhD”.  Another interesting thing about the users is that they are very influential in their area “Over 50% are managers, directors, or C-level execs”. This high level of education and influence in their users means that Slideshare collects a lot of wisdom that gets discussed at a lot of places.

Slideshare has chosen to grow and grow and is currently ranked as the 340th most visited website in the world. At the end of last year they launched their revenue plan which consists of two parts: Leadshare and Adshare. Creating leads (prospective clients) is the aim of Leadshare where you buy the option to include a contact form in your presentation and thereby you are able to get in contact with the ones that found your presentation interesting. Adshare is a system allowing you to place ads around related presentations to allow people to find your presentation.

Slideshare is a very open tool that allows you to embed the presentations where you want and it also helps opening up access to .ppt files enabling a quicker better way to view them. It is a free tool and a source of a lot of knowledge. Slideshare also has some less open aspects where they currently seek a software patent for their Leadshare system.

Another similar tool  but with a slightly different use is Scribd which enables you to upload documents for others to partake off without having to worry about being able to read the right format. A more closed system for uploading documents is Dropbox where you have to choose who and what to share but the rest of the documents are accessible for you anywhere and it works like a folder on your desktop syncing automatically. Sharing presentations is becoming very popular which can be seen by events like TED (short, fascinating presentations) and Pecha-Kucha (20 slides and 20 seconds to talk about each slide).

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