Six Problems of Knowledge

Going through some old notes and found a piece from my critical thinking class that takes up problems of knowledge.

Six problems of knowledge

1. Not enough evidence
– The supporting evidence doesn’t completely justify the conclusion
– Classic problems of induction (the “all” problem)
– How does one decide what is sufficient evidence?

2. Evidence of wrong type
– For example: subjective evidence used to support objective
– Evidence suitable for other conclusions

3. Systematic biases or distortions
Subjectivity in, say, perception leads to unreliable results
– Problems of awareness of bias or distortion
– Cultural factors

4. Subject matter contains (possibly) unknowable elements
– Some Areas of Knowledge contain elements that are difficult or impossible to access (e.g. before Big Bang)

5. Problems of meaning
– A full understanding of the meaning of knowledge gained (problems of interpretation)

6. Problems arising out of language issues
– For example: Computers, signs, music notation)

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