Reflections on Daily Updates and Deadlines

As some may have noticed my blog gets updated a lot more right now. I’ve decided to post something daily in the blog for some time forward now. With daily I mean from when I wake up until I sleep and not the 24hr system most people refer to when they say daily.

The reason why I’m trying to post something daily is not to increase readers, there are a lot better ways to do that. The reasoning behind the constant updates is mainly to produce a lot of content (which hopefully maintains a high level later into this “experiment” as well). ┬áProducing a large amount of content is good for formulating thoughts into coherent and processed output in various fields. It is also good since I get used to a high production rate, this makes it very easy later on when I step down the tempo.

Having this deadline each day forces me to constantly think about the blog and also about what to write here. It is also good for later on when one needs to get more used by working against daily deadlines. If I get used to it now it won’t be stressful and bad later on. A deadline is also good for me since it forces me to reflect further and more coherent then I would do otherwise. I normally don’t like to write much and tend to focus more on cognitive aspects of information.

[apologise for grammar, logic and dullness in above post that have arised from writing this at 4.30am]

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