Quality Demands and Writers Block

I have not updated this blog much lately as some of you may have noted. It’s partly because I’ve been busy and had a lot to do but that is only a bad excuse for saying you prioritize something else.

The other reason the updates have been sparse is because of feeling that I need to reach a certain quality on each blog-post posted here. By always thinking about the quality I have felt that I don’t have the time/energy to update it and pushed it to another day. When I see my posts doing a certain impression on people I feel I need to worry a bit more about what and how I write each post.

I have had more than 1000 visitors from the USA alone and a  lot from other countries as well which can be seen on the widget on the right. This I never imagined when I started up the blog for my own sake. The blog turned a year old a few days ago and I intend to have this domain a long, long time.

When something doesn’t work one should always remember to go “back to basics”. This is what I plan to do now so expect a lot of more posts from me now. I started this blog in order to improve my writing, to get more visible and most importantly to be able to take thoughts that interest me a step further by allowing time to write about them.

[pic: CC-BY-NC, _StaR_DusT_]

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