Piratpartiet and the Future After the Elections

Yeasterday elections took place in Sweden. Piratpartiet got a very low amount of votes and needs to re-focus their energy again. The reason the impact of Piratpartiet was so low is mainly due to a very low media-coverage and a low focus on the politics concerning Piratpartiet.

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The main reason I support Piratpartiet is that I believe in the good of people. With current laws (and laws about to be passed) in Sweden the politics is going towards a society where the state doesn’t trust it’s citizens. ‘Datalagringsdirektivet’ and ‘FRA’ are two laws with the main function of spying on people to make sure they behave. This shifts the system of justice in Sweden from an “innocent until proven otherwise” to a “we try to catch you doing something you shouldn’t” which is very wrong in my opinion. The government shouldn’t watch its’ citizens, the citizens should be watching the government!

In this election the Swedish population voted in a far-right wing party, Sverigedemokraterna, who are border-line racists. For someone who believes in diversity and integration this is a terrible result but it did bring one good thing. Having such an extremist party with 5.8% of the parliamentary seats will hopefully open the eyes of the Swedish population concerning FRA and that there is a possibility of sensitive personal information being misused and abused by our government. This was fairly unthinkable for a lot of people earlier when they felt we had such a good and safe government.

Sweden has to wait for another four years until the next elections. During this time Piratpartiet will have no direct power in affecting the politics in a favorable way. This means that the focus needs to be on transforming the views of the people in power, Piratpartiet needs to get much more organized and concentrated on lobbying. We can still transform our society but now we need to use lobbying and a more practical approach where the core questions are spread through practical uses e.g. Knowledge- teaching older people about computers.

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