Net4Change – How the Internet Helps Create Democratic Change

Today a conference takes place in Sweden discussing how the Internet helps to create democratic change. This conference is taking place thanks to ‘Juliagruppen‘ (NGO working for a free and open internet) together with Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency). The conference will be focused on the ‘arab spring’ revolutions and discuss how internet and technology  helped the people there.

There are many interesting people attending and it will all be broadcasted live for everyone not able to attend. There’s two parallel  broadcasts taking place and both of them can be found at Sida

 juliagruppen net4change

Some of the talks on the program:

  • Effective use of social networks to support social activism
  • Watching the watchers – democratized real- time video broadcasting
  • Revolutions from the couch
  • Egypt: Popular uprising or Internet revolution?
  • Syria: ICT and the revolution: A grassroots movement case
  • Bahrain: Social media and the revolution
  • Tunisia: Hacktivists, Anonymous and their role in the revolution

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