Life After Web 2.0 / What Will Happen When 3d Printers are Common?

Today the way we interact has changed with the introduction of web 2.0 and social media. Marketing has transformed from a one-way channel into a field closer to PR where a dialog with the consumers takes an important role. Word of Mouth sells and especially if the discussions come from your friends. We interact much more in this new information age. But what is the next stage? Web 3.0? What does it entail?

My prediction is that the next big paradigm shift in customer interaction will emerge when we get cheap 3d-printers. If we are able to produce our own material products with help of cheap material and printers we will no longer have the same need of the ones who formerly produced the goods. Social media and word of mouth will continue to play an important role in business but now more as advisors and curators of content. We will be in need of service and recommendations instead of products. The future will be all about attention seeking and trust. The one that provides the best service will come out on top.

[pic: CC-BY-NC-SA, amberman]

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