How to Enable Inspiration

I got inspired to write this blog post about inspiration after reading another blog post about inspiration;) A lot of people think that inspiration comes and goes at it’s own accord but this is not entirely true. Some people are more in tune with their inspiration and it seems like they have a natural gift but if you want to be inspired as well there are a few tricks. In this post I’m going to discuss three tricks (exposing, limiting and no requirements) to enable inspiration.

The first trick is probably the easiest. By exposing yourself to other creative art you will be inspired by something in those pictures to create something of your own. I try to post some inspiration each Sunday to be stimulated and get a good start for the next week. When exposing yourself you need to combine, either your own thoughts or two other pieces, to create something new and unique. This kind of trick for inspiration is limited by current copyright laws that force you to not use too much of the picture that inspired you.

Second trick is limiting yourself. In this age of information there is always something going on which is easier to focus on then the current task. Thus we need to restrict what we can do until we are done with our work. If one limits the field of thought and use it to focus on inspiration one will find something. Sometimes this means limiting physical surroundings, sometimes it’s enough to just limit the cognitive focus of your thoughts.

The last trick to getting inspiration that I will talk about is having no requirements of what you produce. This approach almost always fails at the first approach where one comes up with something really bad. But from this failure one often remixes parts of it and comes up with something inspiring to create with. Fail a few times without limiting yourself to what is good and there will for sure be something of value in some part of the attempts.

[photo: CC-BY-NC-ND, Dia]

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