How the German Pirate Party Wants to Change School Politics

I’m on my way to a political conference to discuss pirate politics. The conference will take place this weekend and discuss thoughts and views on school politics and “rule of law” (justice policies). ┬áSince I’m very interested in communication and learning environments I digged into ‘school politics’. I tried scraping together information and views on school politics from different pirate parties in other countries around the world but the only country with an expanded view on school politics is German’s Piratenpartei. With the help of LaTeX and Google translate I compiled together a document with the views of piratenpartei on school politics. Will post some of my own thoughts and comments on this document in a later post.

piratenpartei education politics

The document can be reached here.

This document was compiled from the German pirate party Wiki page. It has been translated through Google Translate and I take no responsibility for accuracy of translations or that this is the current stances of Piratenpartei. Might have missed some newer versions of programs as well if they were not on the Wiki. Tried finding other stances towards education change in other countries wiki’s but didn’t find much. Sweden has a few specific for education and Catalunya has a few both not very detailed. See this compilation as inspirational samples to form your own ideas

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