Grandmaster Flash and International Seminar on Entrepreneurship

Last week was a very interesting one.

Tuesday I attended a workshop that was taking place at my University. Diaspora Enterprise Workshop – For Wealth Creation in Host and Home Countries. The focus was on cross-border entrepreneurship with a focus on migration and its importance for growth within both nations. Sadly enough the invitations were clearly not made by someone working with Communications. This resulted in me ending up as one of very few “guests” at the workshop together with ~40 people in total from all over the world. It was very interesting to get such an opportunity to hear speakers from Belgium, USA, UAE, Spain, Chile and many other places comparing and talking about their knowledge within the field. The mingle between the sessions was great and multi-cultural although a bit too short.

Wednesday we got a visit from Grandmaster Flash, a legend within Hip Hop, who came for a show here. Apparently the person that got him here, Fredrik Kroon, had been working on it for two years and finally managed! I had gotten some contact information from Kroon a few weeks back and managed to get an interview with Grandmaster Flash after some mailing back and forth with his agent. The radio-show I’m part of  is called Dirty Rap Scholars and I help with PR and technical parts. The show has been running for a bit more than a year now on our student-radio (local fm and streamed to the world). Having such a famous guest on our show was an amazing experience and I felt very proud about being able to bring him there for an interview. For anyone curious you can download the show with the interview here. Grandmaster Flash was a bit stale at first but loosened up after a while and was enjoying it. Later at the show we got some shout-outs from him during his performance which felt very good as well.

Friday I went to an interesting seminar with Andreas Ekström, who talked about Google; the culture, ambitions and risks if they went evil. An interesting talk but on a basic level. During the week I’ve also been participating in my course on Brand Management which has brought some new insights into the world of Branding. A world I find very interesting and hope to work more with in the future.

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