Gatekeepers of Chinese Social Media. Spreading the Knowledge

gatekeepers of chinese social media

The rapid development of social media have changed our communication patterns and made information more accessible. With more access to information, people are able to get more educated opinions even though the majority of knowledge originates from a limited amount of sources. It is not until recently we have started to see more studies about how gatekeeping play an important role in social media. This study will examine how Mashable plays a part in the dissemination of knowledge about Chinese social media.

Some argue social media in China are merely copycats. Most “social media” experts in the western world look exclusively at Facebook and Twitter when looking for new social media practices. China is a “copycat” worth copying back from. Many social networks in China have the same platform but make small and important differences upon it. The western world would benefit by studying the knowledge of Chinese social media in order to understand and improve their own.

Through theories on media logic, social media and gatekeeping the thesis discusses implications of what is communicated about Chinese social media in the western world. Through also bringing up what is not conveyed this thesis will explain how knowledge about Chinese social media is of importance to the western world.


To be continued…

Thesis will be handed in tomorrow. Parts of it will be posted here in future blog posts while waiting for feedback and creation of final version.

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