Gain 500 Followers on Twitter Instantly, Quantity or Quality?

Gaining followers is easy. One way of instantly gaining followers is following everyone that auto-follows you back. You want 500 more followers? Add everyone on this list. Another way is tweeting a few buzz words like sex, money, real estate etc and you will have a few new bots or auto-followers.

The best tip about how to gain followers on Twitter is probably tweeting tips on “how to gain followers” since this will attract anyone else “trying to gain a following” to follow you. Similar people are attracted to each other and will most likely reach their goals together. But why gain a following on Twitter just to “gain a following”?

One of the ways some people use to measure their importance on Twitter is counting the number of followers they have. This popularity contest is nothing new. A lot of people still play the “I have more friends then you” game on Facebook as well as in real life. This is a way of measuring their perceived importance and impact based on quantity rather then quality of friends. There is nothing wrong with this in itself, as long as it is what you truly believe. Believing in quantity over quality will always attract like-minded people who give you a pseudo-importance that you have in inspiring them to get a larger quantity as well.

What about quality then? If you want followers that truly interact you need to gain them organically. Posting relevant tweets about what truly interests you and it will bear fruit. Another important part is commenting on others and discussion. When you want to make new friends you need to be more social then usual. Find the people, comment, discuss and praise to gain qualitative new friends. One of the ironic parts is that some of these people first look on your number of followers to see if “you are important” which means that it could be an idea to build up numbers with “empty followers” in order to get more quality followers.

What are your thoughts on Followers?

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