Educating Myself Mostly Outside of University This Week

I study PR and Marketing at Jönköping University, Sweden. In this information society it is important to not only rely on the educational resources that your education provides. University courses is definitely a good base for knowledge but often lack the practical approach as well as being updated with current events. Therefore we have a big incentive to look outside of the planned courses to further educate ourself in areas we find relevant and interesting for our future careers.

This past week I have been part of producing a quiz-show for local TV, where I sat in studio controlling some of the technical parts. I also made an attempt at setting all the lighting required for a good TV-program (it went ok for a first try on this field of work). I plan to learn more about lighting sources and how to set it all up by participating in a movie a friend is making. My friend studies Lighting design and has a group-project where they will produce a movie displaying body-language and different lighting. By helping out and having the main role in this movie I will learn a lot about setting up lighting properly and also about movie production at a more advanced level.

Another project I did outside of my education was to send a radio-show about cultural clashes together with two other people. It was our first show together which meant a lot of testing and getting used to technique/concept/each other but there will be more shows on the same topic later. We had a great guest from Iran singing in 5+ languages and some interesting talk about cultural differences.

I had some lectures about brand management as well, that I learnt a lot from this week, but if one wants to work with PR and Marketing in future one needs more than just the theoretical knowledge. If you want to produce or pitch something for TV it is a big advantage knowing how the medium works and strengths/weaknesses. The same goes with radio, by learning how to use it one knows better when the medium fits the message and how to make it stand out.

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