Don’t Focus on Social Media, Focus on How to Use it!

I followed a debate over Bambuser about School 2.0 at Almedalen (a camp/convention for Swedish politics). Using Bambuser was a nice touch to such a debate and the online viewers were at the start included but later on forgotten but we had our own good chat in our channel.  The debate was of varying quality but made me think about some of the things they talked about.

The main thing they seemed to want to change in school 2.0 was a use of social media but unfortunately they missed the debate over what it would be used for. This miss is something I’ve noticed a lot lately, much discussion about social media but not over the uses for it. People need to focus more on the usability and why it’s important instead of just “the tool”. Using social media won’t be of much use if you don’t know what you plan to use it for.

As someone commented, the debate would have made much more sense if it had been focusing on pedagogy 2.0 and how knowledge should be acquired in a new digital society. With the emergence of the information age less focus needs to be on ‘teaching out content’ and shifted towards more about ‘how to acquire information’. In the past the schools had an important job on passing on information from teacher to student since information was sparse and essential to remember. Today with our easy access to information it’s more important teaching people how to find the right information and filter out the rest.

Don’t focus on social media! Use social media as a tool to achieve something else. Together with a friend I’ve written a thesis about “Organizational learning through the use of social media – A descriptive study of the feedback role in three Swedish organizations” where we focus on the use of social media and not the tool itself. The essay is available on Scribd for the ones interested in reading more about it.

[img: CC-NC-BY by Richard Cawood]

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