Devaluing Your Premium Membership – A Case Study on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has over time managed to devalue their brand by selling premium memberships short. Portraying your premium service as spam will not bring customers. A small case study on how LinkedIn fails with their premium membership invites.

A tier level of ‘premium’ implies that the benefits are something of superior quality and only for a selected few. A premium membership should make people feel special since they are not part of the basic members anymore. One goal of a successful premium membership is creating a feeling of exclusivity.

The brand equity of a company is what consumers trigger in their memory when the brand name comes up. In other words it’s the key concepts that you want to trigger in your customer to tie them to your brand instead of others. In the case of the word ‘premium’ it triggers the term exclusive for most people which becomes a problem when it doesn’t match up.

brand equity case study on linkedin fail with premium membershipoffers for premium membership linkedin

As you can see from the above pictures LinkedIn likes reminding their members about their premium membership. By repeating the same offer a few months apart they devalue the perception of their premium membership. It’s far from exclusive and you know that every few months you can have that free month of premium membership if you would like it. Through repitition LinkedIn  has managed to create a link between their premium membership and spammy messages which harshly devalues what they’re trying to promote. The first two messages  got me tempted to see if premium was something for me, now I only see it as spam.

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