Copyright is for Stopping and Sealing off Creativity

sealing of creative minds

The reason (c)opyright was invented was to restrict others from creating an object similar to yours. It was a way of giving creators protection and time for distribution of the creations. This system worked good when there was a very limited number of creations and distribution was slow but it’s a broken system now. In the information age we live in today most copyright act to restrict creativity by not allowing alterations or being too closely inspired by something.

A copyright seals the creative flow after the creator is finished with the work. The creative process is considered done and no further alterations should be made. The viewer of the creation is meant to only admire it. Copyright can be compared to a one-way monologue.

Objects without copyright can be considered finished as well but most of the time they’re seen as a “work in progress”. The viewer is able to interact and have a “dialogue” if they wish, taking the basic idea and altering it into something new. This new creation can in turn inspire to even more “dialogues” from new viewers.

One example on how this is detrimental to the creative process can be seen if we look at the area of culture which is supposed to be very creative and inspiring. First of all the word ‘culture’ today often excludes a lot of original creations. Something on the wrong side of the norm is often called “play”, sub-culture and sometimes even vandalism. It’s seen as something that doesn’t qualify to be called ‘culture’ and most of the time no value is put on it. If several contributors are involved it further complicates it by making a fuzzy line between the creator and the viewer of the work. Where does the work end and can it change from viewer to viewer?

Artists working full time with creating ‘culture’ are often dependent on a certain sustenance coming from the art which might restrict them from taking “too wide” artistic liberties. Someone not dependent in the same way of the outcome of the piece is more “creatively free” and able to take more liberties. Culture should not be considered an end to a creation (enforcing a monologue with the viewer because of a copyright applied)!

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