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Guest posts on my blog

I appreciate good guest posts on my blog. If you feel like posting here send me an e-mail: josef  [[at] but read the requirements first. Add “#tsmcp” to your subject line to show you have seen this page.

Some requirements for a guest post:
*High Quality
*About Transparency, Social Media or Cultural Patterns (look at my about page for more info)
*Bringing value to readers (not only about yourself)
*Picture (One you have the rights for or a Creative Commons one properly attributed)

Using my content -> Creative Commons

All work created by me on this blog is protected by creative commons, cc-by-nc-sa license. Some pictures might belong to others and is attributed as such at the bottom of the posts.

Creative Common, Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike. This means that you can use all my material as long as you mention where it came from and also share your derivative work under the same license. If you want to use it commercially then you must ask and receive permission first.

If you have tips, comments or just want to ping me about something:
Twitter: @collentine
Mail: josef  [[at]

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