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The View of the Pirate Party on TTIP (radio-interview)

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  Last week I did an interview in a student-radio about TTIP (see bottom of post to listen). I expressed the views that the Pirate Party holds and how this trade deal is problematic. In general, the Pirate Party supports

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Think Twice – Whistleblowers, Donations, Identity and Drones

I spent the weekend of 1-2 February  at a conference in Frankfurt, Germany. The conference was called Think Twice and was a conference organized by Pirate Parties International to “bridge [the gap] between the worlds of the Pirate Parties, Academia and

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The Presumption of Innocence is Disappearing in Sweden

One of the main principles governing Swedish law has been the presumption of innocence as a basic state. Before someone is judged and proven guilty they are assumed innocent. Unfortunately it seems that this state of innocence is slowly disappearing

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A Chilling Effect: Commercial Interests vs Free Speech

Recently the private organization ‘Rättighetsalliansen’ (a Swedish group fighting to increase copyright) decided to send a legal threat to the Swedish Pirate Party (PPSE) for hosting The Pirate Bay (TPB). Claiming that the website of TPB is illegal they accuse PPSE of

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The Freedom to View Information + Make Changes

The world has changed profoundly with the emergence of the information age. In the past when writing something the majority of the time was spent researching the subject through arduous hours at the library and only a small time in the actual

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