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The 3 Best Copywriting Tricks

Guide your consumers as a shepherd would guide his flock (pastor). P – problem A – amplify S – story T – truth O – offer R – response Present the problem, make it cumbersome by amplifying it. Create a

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Devaluing Your Premium Membership – A Case Study on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has over time managed to devalue their brand by selling premium memberships short. Portraying your premium service as spam will not bring customers. A small case study on how LinkedIn fails with their premium membership invites. A tier level

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Case Study: The Glenfiddich Brand Change

[A case study written for my brand management class in 2010] What are the advantages and disadvantages of keeping Glenfiddich’s brand values and of changing it’s brand/product perceptions completely? Glenfiddich earlier got into a position where they had to consider

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Why Your Email Marketing Campaign Isn’t Working [guest]

A guest post by: Laura Kelly; a blogger who writes about international business, including money and lending policies in the U.S., Europe and Australia. — Some argue that email marketing is dead. But it’s really only dead to businesses that do not

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Incorporating Branding Strategies Used by Top MBA Programs (Guest)

Juliana Davies writes about contemporary business issues facing entrepreneurs and young executives, and this post focuses on branding strategies essential for success. These issues have been discussed on the blog before, but Juliana’s take is a somewhat different one: by

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