Case Study: The Glenfiddich Brand Change

[A case study written for my brand management class in 2010]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of keeping Glenfiddich’s brand values and of changing it’s brand/product perceptions completely?

whiskey re-branding to keep customers

Glenfiddich earlier got into a position where they had to consider this question and what to do about their brand. Their consumers where getting older and the brand strengths were, paradoxically enough, it’s weaknesses in the brand.

It was too well known to be a malt drinker’s malt and too precious to be a blended drinker’s drink.

By maintaining their brand values they are able to keep all their old loyal customers. Another very important part, especially for a whiskey drink, is to maintain their old values and traditions within their brand. Their brand values are good and only need a minor change to strengthen their position again, not a complete makeover.

If they decided to change the perceptions of it’s product completely they could form it as they wanted and chose a certain segment of the population to cater it to. But this would alienate a lot of their loyal customers and also lower their brand value since they would lose most of the brand equity they built up. Changing their complete image would also be a major cost.

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