Back, Content is King or is it Context?

As you may have noticed this blog has been on a hiatus for a while now. The main reason being the start of my project with an international news service for the pirate party (located at which is a fairly big project with ~20 active persons. Pirate Times turned six months last week, it has achieved a lot for the pirate movement in these months. Another change has been the switch from being a student to working. I have a part-time job as a community manager for Designers Revolt since a few months back now. Running their social media (blog, twitter, facebook) takes time when I also have to figure out their branding profile and analyze their customers to get a better grasp on how to promote them.

The main reason I blog is to reflect critically on subjects I think about. Writing is a good way of expanding your thoughts but it is also a very useful technique for learning new areas. Words and ideas that get written down get stuck better in your memory.

I have felt the urge to get back to my blog again for some time now. Unfortunately I have been idle because I wanted to re-design this blog before I got started again. This has taken way too long, as you might have noticed, but I’m finally back with a design that still needs some adjusting but that brings a fresh start to the blog again.

Content should be king, not appearance and looks. Content on its own doesn’t do anything though. There needs to be an idea behind it, a reason to create it and most importantly a context to put it in.

Throughout my work with social media I have noticed how important it is being able to create interesting content. A good social media manager should either be good at aggregating content from good sources or making his own content. The main way of improving is just putting the hours into it through practicing. Thus my blogging here will be an exercise in becoming a better content producer for my professional career.

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