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Sending e-mail from using Gmail

This is a quick tutorial on how you can enable Gmail to use more e-mail addresses in your “from” field. Useful for sending mail from your custom e-mail from within Gmail. First step is to buy a domain name.

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Devaluing Your Premium Membership – A Case Study on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has over time managed to devalue their brand by selling premium memberships short. Portraying your premium service as spam will not bring customers. A small case study on how LinkedIn fails with their premium membership invites. A tier level

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Why the Reality Show ‘Mars One’ Will Fail Before Reaching Space

what is Mars One? ‘Mars One’ is a private space project aiming to build a colony on March. The plan is to start settling people on March in ten years, 2023. The main funding would be from selling tv rights.

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Twisting Your Perception of Life: Stop Being a Product

Constantly aiming to please our surroundings, by improving ourselves, makes us a product instead of what we ought to be. One of the big questions of life is what will you do with it. What is the reason you are

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Case Study: The Glenfiddich Brand Change

[A case study written for my brand management class in 2010] What are the advantages and disadvantages of keeping Glenfiddich’s brand values and of changing it’s brand/product perceptions completely? Glenfiddich earlier got into a position where they had to consider

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