Are Human Beings Born Evil?

What is true and what is not, that is the question.

This will be analyzed by applying our question, “are human beings born evil?”, to three different concepts of finding if the statement is true or not. The three ethical theories are: the pragmatic, the coherence and the correspondence theory of truth.

The Pragmatic theory of truth can be defined as “concepts or propositions, that are proved to be worthwhile or useful, are true. This is only known through subjective experience.” Applying it to the question “are human beings born evil” one can not find it true since there is no benefit to be made by it. This theory is all about subjectivity and totally depends on who looks at the question.

A good definition of the Coherence theory of truth is that “concepts or propositions are true if they are consistent with other established truths, which are accepted as truths, they cohere with them.” According to this theory church can be considered as a voice of truth and since they say that human beings are born evil one can establish that it is true. The problem with this is that one has to believe that the statement about the church being a voice of truth is true and some people, for example nihilists, might find it untruthful. It all comes down to what one believes was true before one saw the question.

Defining the Correspondence theory of truth: “Truth occurs when the concepts or proposition correspond to the objective reality which it describes.” Applying it we see that the question can not be established as a truth since one is incapable of knowing if human beings are born evil with the senses we have. This relies totally on your senses but some statements can not be determined by senses at all. All theories are very vague and none is perfect. It all comes to whether you think it’s true or not.

The different theories should be used but they should have limits on what they could be used as. Truth is a very subjective and individual concept. Stay true!

[this was an old assignment I made a few years back for a Theory of Knowledge class, pic credit: h.koppdelaney CC-BY-ND ]

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