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When you’re not a writer by heart it is hard to keep up the writing, you miss a day or two and then suddenly it’s very hard to get started again and back into it. It’s now been more then a month since I wrote on this blog, but now I have a good plan on how to get back into it. But firstly I’ll explain why I have this blog and why I want to write on it.

There are several reasons this blog exists. One of the main reasons is to leave a ‘digital footprint‘ and help to build up my ‘personal brand’. This is becoming more and more important in our information age and it is important to control and effect how that personal brand is portrayed through the internet. The second reason for writing this blog is to dig a bit deeper into what I learn and thereby reach a higher understanding at the matter at hand. Writing your thoughts down and taking time to actively reflect on them greatly enhances your remembrance of the knowledge. A third reason is expanding my skill in writing which is a very important skill for me in my future line of work within PR and Marketing. Knowing how to write in a good, fluent and effective way is essential to a lot of work. The fourth and last reason I’m writing here is to share my knowledge and help to contribute to this information age.

So how will I get back into writing here on the blog to reach all my goals with it? First of all I’m going to start being more consistent (this helps since you always know you should write something here). I’m planning to update this blog six times each week, this may seem like a lot but maintaining a high frequency of posts will help me to not miss a few days and lose the writing again. This high consistency will be achieved through structure and keeping my inspiration high (Listening to interesting people, reading blogs, expanding my horizons, networking, starting conversations, books, traveling etc).

My structure for blog posts

Mon A review of important blogs, events that happened last week
Tue Free reflection
Wed Book disectomy, sharing some important thoughts from a book
Thu Free reflection
Fri MKV-PR/Marketing. An insight into my formal education.
Sat — [my day off]
Sun Inspiration

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