A Political Speech: Animal Farm is Waiting for Godot

This following text was written as a part of a final project in my literature class. This final project took the form of a “newspaper” based on three authors (Woolf, Becket and Orwell). The newspaper was built up around a few key concepts and imitated the layout of a newspaper. The particular sections and thematics took the shape of front page, world news, advice column, editorial opinions etc.

This allowed for a presentation of the works through  mixing quotes, characters, books, socio-cultural information and also connecting the works with their relevance to possible aesthetic trends in different time periods. The mix allowed us to compare, contrast, highlight and connect the three stories and their authors. The texts in the newspaper contain a mix of factual and fictitious environments and characters from three of the books we read during this past semester. The following part is from the “political section” were a speech in the style of “Animal Farm” has been mixed with references to “waiting for godot”

animal farm and waiting for godot

This morning, the President of the WWW (We Will Wait) Syndicate gave an impressive  speech during a press conference in Treebush Park. While the speech was alarming on one hand, on the other it is also a call for patience to all of those who are getting tired of waiting and about to fall into Snowball’s promises. We are sure to hear of Snowball’s comeback to this direct dare sometime very soon. We have the exclusive and complete speech:

“Comrades! As you might have heard there has been some people saying that we should stop our wait. ‘Why wait for Godot ?’ they say. It has been found out that these people are in fact working for Snowball! In pure malignity, planning to destroy our meeting with Godot and get revenge for his ignominious expulsion. Snowball has spread lies and tried sabotaging our plans of greeting Godot with the help of his people.

These traitors have actively been working against us trying to convince us to stop waiting and leave this place. All, so that Snowball can be here and great Godot when he comes. We will keep waiting next to this tree until Godot comes. The whole well-being and structure of this farm depends on us waiting here.

Our magnificent and benevolent leader Napoleon has declared that anyone else that is found out to not want to wait for Godot will join the traitors conspiring with Snowball. These traitors that did not want to wait for Godot will be hanged in the morning. We must stay here and keep waiting. Do you know what would happen if we failed in our duty of waiting here? Snowball would talk to Godot and they would get Jones back! Yes, Jones would be back! Surely there is no one among you who wants to see that Jones comes back?”


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