A Letter About Why I Want to Study Abroad


Dear Sir or Madame,

the main reason I would like the opportunity to study abroad is that I would like to live in a different culture. A chance to live in a country with different routines, traditions and culture. This would benefit my future career since I would get another way of looking at the world.

I am a dual citizen with a Swedish mother and American father. I grew up speaking both English and Swedish at home with a mix of cultures in the household. When I was very young I lived in the USA for a year. I also spent 6 months there before going to University to “explore my roots”. The rest of the time I have lived mostly in Sweden (with a few months in Barcelona and a few in London). Since most my relatives live in the USA (even on my mom’s side) I have frequently gone there on visits. This upbringing has resulted in me being very eager to meet and explore new cultures. I love traveling around slowly and meeting local people in different countries.

I am a person who loves learning and constantly seeks new challenges. I have worked with TV, radio, as a bartender, salesman, referee, designer, technician etc. From these jobs I learned valuable skills but I probably learned just as much from traveling around to different countries and speaking to people that have a different cultural view on life than I have. This is another important reason I want to study abroad: to meet new people and discuss with them.

Once I am done with my education I hope to work with something on an international level. I currently focus my education on PR and Social Media but have previously studied pedagogy, social-anthropology, digital governments, entrepreneurship and a few other subjects that help me understand people and information in a better way. Hopefully I can find a job that entails communication across borders as this is what I wish to work with in the future.


Josef Ohlsson Collentine

Twitter: @collentine

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