A Democratic Periscope, Making the Government More Transparent

One of the main reasons behind my activity for Piratpartiet is that “people should keep track of what the government does and not the other way around”. I believe in the good of people and that they work towards the good for others. Power corrupts which is one of the reason the “common man” must keep track of those in power. The best way is making the system transparent and hold people accountable for their actions.

There are many tools created for better keeping track of governments and whether they are keeping their promises. One example being the American site Politifact keeping track of promises. The best designed and easy understood one I’ve seen is an Estonian one which you can see above (use Google translate unless you know Estonian).

Another way of making politics more transparent can be through constructing open buildings. The new Tallin City Hall is constructed to act like a “democratic periscope”. By using the same methods as a periscope  with mirrors in the ceiling of the city hall they manage to create a possibility for people to look into the city hall. Seeing who’s there and what they are doing creates radical transparency and invites for more public participation in politics. Giving everyone a political overview and public insight into the depths of the city hall. Any other ideas on how the goverment can be more transparent towards its’ citizens?

democratic periscope for a transparent government


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