4 Ways That Social Media is Changing Our Communication

With the emergence of social media into everyday life it creates a disruption on the way we used to communicate.

“Innumerable confusions and a feeling of despair invariably emerge in periods of great technological and cultural transitions” -Marshall McLuhan 

the future of communication through soc media


Four ways that social media is changing our communication:

  • Geolocation.
    An easy way to share events and locations leads to more spontaneous meetings. 4square, facebook locations and Highlight are a few examples. Paradoxically activity online leads to more meetings offline.
  • Specialized interests.
    Social media makes it more easy to find people with similar interests. This allows for more specialized interest. E.g. earlier people might have had a hard time finding someone that liked “taking photos of bridges” to share their “quirky interest” with. 
  • Smaller, quicker contacts.
    Being able to easily post updates or messages to other people will mean that small and quick communication will increase. It’s easier to keep track  of what friends are doing through their small updates. It might also mean that deeper and more profound exchanges diminishes. 
  • Fragmentation of information. 
    Many small and quick messages divides attention. Each person can chose to take part of and amplify the communication one finds interesting. A polarization of information but also a bigger pluralization can be interpreted both in positive and negative ways.


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