2 Years of Blogging = 15 334 Unique Visitors From 153 Countries

This blog started slightly over two years ago. On January 8th 2010 I blogged my first post that set the guidelines for what I would come to discuss here over the next two years. The blog was created as a “professional blog” and thus didn’t have a focus on personal events, rather stories or inspirations for posts encountered in my area of profession and interests. The focus was on three areas with a few subcategories to expand upon underneath each major topic.

Transparency – Net Politics (the pirate party movement),Integrity, Copyright
Social Media – Integration,Technology,Web 2.0
Cultural Patterns – Design,PR,Marketing

My primary intentions when starting to blog was to evolve my written communication skills. Blogging also helps me by forcing more thoughts on a certain subject and thereby enhancing my thoughts and ideas around a certain area. Writing down thoughts also helps me in a pedagogical way to devour the information contained within the text and internalize it for later on. Blogging builds my digital portfolio and creates a good SEO result for my name (making my views easy to find when googling me). 

I write the blog for my own personal development which is why it’s not as reliant on recurring visitors as other blogs might be. Most of the hits on my blog come through search engines (a few from when I share content over Facebook and Twitter). 

Some key metrics achieved over my two years of blogging:
Total unique visitors: 15.334
Unique countries: 153
Top countries: USA (34.1%), Swe (10.7%), UK (8.9%)

Some crazy numbers that I had no intention of reaching when I started my blogging! I currently reach 200-250 unique visitors each week which I still have a hard time grasping. The visitors are reached by high quality content and utilizing some of my SEO knowledge to attract readers. Despite high number of visitors I don’t create posts to attract readers, I write about what I find interesting and want to develop my thoughts on.

My top 5 posts over the past two years

Gain 500 Followers on Twitter Instantly,Quantity or Quality? – A critical post about how easy it is to gather “empty followers” on social media that don’t mean much. 

A Letter About Why I Want to Study Abroad – Posted the letter I wrote when applying for exchange studies in Mexico. Many students in similar situations looking for inspiration on what to write or if they really should do an exchange in a foreign country.

Sierra Tequila Label Brand Through a Semiotic Perspective – An analysis of a brand I did for a visual communication course I took. Gives an insight to Sierra Tequila’s brand through applying a certain method.

The Power of Mind Control – An area that has tantalized people for a long time. An area I find very relevant to try and grasp for anyone studying behavior science and particularly Public Relations. 

MTV and Their Brand Image – An analysis for a brand management course that delves deep into some underlying factors of the MTV brand 

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