11 Employer Branding Best Practices To Focus On

top 10 tips for employer branding

These eleven best practice advice have been taken and summarized from the full article here. Focusing on making sure your employees are happy in their work is becoming increasingly important with higher rate of changes between jobs. Today people no longer stay a lifetime in the same company. This means that there is a higher need to make sure your employees stay as long as possible with your company

1) Establish a real-time career development for employees

2) Have that meeting with HR, Marketing, Communications and IT!

3) Assess your employer branding performance against best practice

4) Review and update your employer value proposition (EVP) communication assets

5) Learn from best practice employer brand companies

6) Assess the employee lifecycle

7) Develop social media capabilities and appoint some social media Rockstars to engage with your community real-time

8) Write a book!

9) Connect your employees on the inside!

10) Leaders – slow down! and coach, mentor and share your knowledge and experiences with middle managers to enrich your talent pipelines, increase trust and developed capabilities

11) Build employer brand awareness, knowledge, skills and capabilities


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